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About Thrive

On the journey of our growth we are all bound to go through transitional phases, and though those tend to be the most rewarding yet challenging times. This workshop aims to equip young adults with; a) exercises to gain introspect and clarity on the path they pave to a bright futures, b) emotional resilience tools to navigate this path from school to university, and c) a sense of community and understanding.

We are a group of three facilitators with over 15 years experience each from different industries and different walks of life. We have come together with a shared values; the love for growth and to make things easier for the upcoming generation.

Through a series of 4 sessions, we create a safe space for young adults to reflect and connect. The sessions will include exercises that help gain introspect, tools that assist in decision making and creating a growth oriented community.

Our goal is to help students gain a fresh perspective when approaching the upcoming phase in their lives, post-graduation.


a) To understand one’s personality, passions, strengths, weaknesses and fears

b) Gain skills on asking the right questions

c) Obtain tools to navigate the transition from school to university life

d) Translate findings into mapping a career path

Age Group



Makeshop Space

AlAndalus Garden


4 x 2hr sessions

February 19,21,26,28



(VAT inclusive)



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