Things you need to know before studying abroad

By admin,News Posted Nov 04,2014

  • RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH- take some time to learn not only about the university and major you will be taking, but the country and the local’s custom and culture
  • Refresh your language skills, even if you’re going for a language program, try to learn the basics to be able to get around
  • Have a check-list before you leave- Make sure all your documents are with you when traveling and in the airport, and always have extra copies!
  • Remember that getting lost often times is the best thing that could happen to you, so don’t panic, you will eventually find your way around by exploring- and might find really interesting hidden spots in while you’re at it
  • Talk to the locals and embrace diversity, but also don’t feel the need to change yourself, take pride in your culture and educate others about it
  • Keep up to date with the currency exchange
  • Always remember your country’s embassy is there to help you
  • Know what to do in case of emergency ( police, fire department, closest hospital)
  • Make sure you have a health insurance
  • You will never really wear all the things you’ve packed, so pack light!

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