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Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degree

3-4 Years to complete the degree

The transition phase from high school to university is definitely a significant one, There are various courses available to study at an undergraduate level, depending on your academic background:

Bachelors Degree – The most popular undergraduate degree, completed in 3-4 years in. There is a vast array of subject areas to select from, we’ve provided you with a guideline here (link) to give you an idea of what courses universities have to offer.

International Foundation Year (IFY) – For students that have not taken a Full IB Diploma, A-levels or a recognized international secondary school qualification, students must apply for the IFY prior to beginning your bachelor’s degree. This is a preparatory year of which will help develop English language skills, study skills and your core modules related to the chosen degree program.

Diploma – Higher National Diploma (HNC): Students are able to gain entry to second or third year of a bachelor’s degree to “top-up” and receive an honors degree

Postgraduate Degree

1-2 Years to complete the degree

Whether you are interested in obtaining career-based knowledge, have a passion for your subject area, would like to explore different avenues of your academic background, would like to delve deeper in your area of expertise or excel professionally and academically – postgraduate degrees come in different forms to provide you with a vehicle to achieve your goals.

Postgraduate qualifications come in different forms, the following are the most popular: Pre-masters, postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, taught masters, masters by research, MBA, and PhD.

There is a vast array of subject areas to select from, we’ve provided you with a guideline here to give you an idea of what courses universities have to offer.


Language School

Language School

Whether you would like to improve your English language or learn a new language all-together, a range of courses to help you achieve either, are available.

English language courses are the most popular, with a variety of programs to pick from that fall in line with your goals:

General Intensive English is for improving your English language

Academic English is for students wishing to improve their English for higher education and acquire skills such as academic writing and reading.

IELTS Exam Preparation is specifically for students who would like to acquire skills and techniques needed for the IELTS exam

English for Professionals focuses on English language in the light of specific subjects ex. English for Business, English for Law, etc.

There are more courses to pick from and can be tailor-made for your needs and goals. Let us know and we’ll be happy to advise!


Short term Courses

Short Courses

Short courses can help achieve your goals if you are looking to acquire a new skill, or acquire more detailed knowledge on your area of expertise, or even to practice a hobby.

Short courses are offered by many of our universities and institutions, with a range of different subjects, start dates, levels and duration.


Courses on Demand

Courses on Demand

Courses can be designed specifically for your organization or workplace to achieve specific goals that are in line with your organization’s vision.
We, at AlMawred, assist in forming a framework of your needs and goals and translate that into a tailor-made course that can be delivered at your organization for your staff members. These can be subject-specific or general skills/language.


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