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Al Mawred is NOT responsible and will not accept liability for the following:

1. Delay in receiving a response from the applicant’s Institution(s) of choice.

2. Unavailability of the chosen course. (If this occurs, we will allow you to change your

choice of subject but cannot refund the administration fee.)

3. Refusal of the student visa. The decision whether to issue the applicant a visa rests solely

with the British Embassy Visa Section.

4. Decisions regarding the acceptance or rejection of offers by the institution(s). The

decision lies solely with the applicant.

5. Unavailability of university housing at the time of application. In order to obtain a place in

university housing, applicants are required to apply early.

6. Any loss, damage or personal injury incurred while attending the course in the UK.

7. Resolving any personal grievances or disputes on behalf of the applicant, howsoever


8. Resolving any grievances about accommodation, course or other academic services.

These must be resolved directly with the institution.

9. Expulsion due to inappropriate behaviour or poor attendance.

10. Rejection from all institutions. If the applicant is not accepted at any of the

institutions to which he/she has applied and if all five institution-choices have been

exhausted, the applicant must begin a brand new agreement with AlMawred and

will be charged the administration fee as per the agreement.

Upon the applicant’s confirmation of the desired institution and course AlMawred’s

obligations to the applicant are fully discharged.

Al Mawred agrees:

1. To perform an extensive search of the chosen course.

2. To facilitate the applicant’s choice of up-to five institutions.

3. To make the necessary contact with the chosen institution(s) on behalf of the applicant.

4. To keep the applicant informed of the progress (this is contingent on the speed of the

response times of institutions including UCAS).

5. To help arrange UNIVERSITY accommodation as requested by the applicant. However,

we cannot guarantee availability of any type of accommodation.

The applicant agrees:

1. To pay a non-refundable administration fee

2. To provide AlMawred with all necessary documents as required by the institutions.

3. To be fully responsible for any application and/or administration fees charged by the


4. To be fully responsible for any cancellation or changes resulting in financial penalties by

the university/institution.

5. To be fully responsible for the payment of all tuition and/or accommodation fees charged

by the university/institution.

6. To meet all visa requirements.

7. To meet the date of arrival at the institution.

8. To meet payment deadlines.

Any delay on the part of the student may render the service invalid and the applicant

may have to reapply.



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