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University Visits at AlMawred Offices

By admin,News Posted Nov 04,2014

Finding the right major and university for you is a big decision, especially if you are looking to study abroad! There are too many questions to ask about the major, campus, accommodation, the student life, the city itself and security, and sometimes researching it online would only add more options and confusion on what’s suitable for you and your needs. Thus, Al Mawred believes in meeting with the universities here in Bahrain to learn about all the details, and sometimes get an offer on the spot if the students has all his documents. In our latest events in early June, we were pleased to welcome Kent University, Leeds Beckett University, Northampton University, Euro Centers, and Cambridge Education Group at AlMawred Education offices in Riffa. This was a great opportunity for the students to learn about the different universities and raise any concerns they have, as well as meet representatives of the universities who would provide the necessary guidance and would suggest or recommend things like the most suitable accommodation, the location, the Do’s and Don’ts, places to go, places to eat, and more! AlMawred hosts different universities frequently for the students to explore their options and benefit from them. Make sure to keep an eye on our website for news and updates for the next visits!

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Things you need to know before studying abroad

By admin,News Posted Nov 04,2014

  • RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH- take some time to learn not only about the university and major you will be taking, but the country and the local’s custom and culture
  • Refresh your language skills, even if you’re going for a language program, try to learn the basics to be able to get around
  • Have a check-list before you leave- Make sure all your documents are with you when traveling and in the airport, and always have extra copies!
  • Remember that getting lost often times is the best thing that could happen to you, so don’t panic, you will eventually find your way around by exploring- and might find really interesting hidden spots in while you’re at it
  • Talk to the locals and embrace diversity, but also don’t feel the need to change yourself, take pride in your culture and educate others about it
  • Keep up to date with the currency exchange
  • Always remember your country’s embassy is there to help you
  • Know what to do in case of emergency ( police, fire department, closest hospital)
  • Make sure you have a health insurance
  • You will never really wear all the things you’ve packed, so pack light!
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